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Welsh Government urged to deliver a revolution in green, renewable energy

ON WEDNESDAY, January 18, the Welsh Conservatives will be using a debate in the Senedd to call for action to support offshore renewable energies in Wales, using Welsh coastal water. 

The Welsh Conservative plan to deliver a revolution in green, renewable energy which will see at least 10,000 green jobs created, along with wider benefits such as enhanced manufacturing opportunities.

Leading the debate, Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Climate Change Janet Finch-Saunders MS said: “The horrific events in Ukraine have reinforced the importance of energy independence however, the Welsh Government has been too slow to take advantage of Wales’ coastal waters and have completely missed the opportunity for Wales to be a leader in offshore renewable energy.

“Our debate is nothing new. We’ve been calling for these actions for years and yet the Labour Government in Wales has failed to give the leadership that is needed.

“Labour must unleash the huge potential that renewable energy can bring to Wales. They need to act on our call to invest £150 million in a Wales Marine Investment Fund to kick start the revolution and bring much needed green, high skilled jobs to Wales.”

There are currently three operational offshore wind farms in Wales generating up to 726MW every year. However, Welsh electricity consumption is predicted to surge by 300% by 2050.

Figures show that windfarms in Wales have provided £2.2 million to the Welsh economy in recent years, with the planned offshore windfarm off the coast of Pembrokeshire alone anticipated to create 10,000 jobs.

Tidal lagoons and barrages are also able to assist in flood prevention for coastal communities, this is particularly beneficial in light of flooding becoming an increasing threat to many in Wales.