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Welsh Liberal Democrats call on other parties to back bill to make St. David’s Day a public holiday

THIS St David’s Day, the Welsh Liberal Democrats reiterated their calls for the day to become a public holiday in Wales urging other political parties to back a Bill they have put to parliament that would allow the Senedd to designate the day as such.

St David’s Day is currently only a patron saint day and does not have any legal standing. Meanwhile, in Scotland and Ireland St Andrew’s Day and St Patrick’s Day respectively are already public holidays.

The Bill introduced by former Welsh Assembly Member for North Wales, Baroness Christine Humphreys, would devolve the power to create Bank Holidays to the Senedd.

This is a power that is already held by Scotland allowing St Andrew’s Day. The UK Government has also already declared St Patrick’s Day in Northern Ireland to be a designated bank holiday.

As well as the Liberal Democrats, Welsh Labour, the Welsh Conservatives and Plaid Cymru all support St David’s Day becoming a bank holiday, but the move has been continuously blocked by the UK Conservative Government.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats are calling on these parties to back their Bill when it comes to a vote.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader- Jane Dodds

Commenting Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds MS said: “Making St David’s Day a bank holiday has widespread support amongst the Welsh public as repeated polls have shown.

“Unfortunately the Conservatives in the UK Government have repeatedly denied making this a reality, despite Welsh Conservatives disagreeing with them on the issue.

“So now we have started the process to give the Senedd the power to do it ourselves and I urge representatives from all other parties in Wales to back this Bill.”

Adding her comments Liberal Democrat Lords Spokesperson for Wales, Baroness Humphreys, said:

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“It is deeply unjust that the people of Wales cannot celebrate our nation’s culture, heritage and status as the people of Scotland and Northern Ireland can.

“Liberal Democrats have taken the first step towards giving the Senedd the power to create bank holidays.

“Everyone in Wales deserves the opportunity to celebrate who we are and our unique culture which unites us.”