Members of the public are being advised to keep away from any

unknown substance washed ashore along the Pembrokeshire coast.

Animals should also be kept away from any unusual substances.

If people spot any pollution, they are advised to leave well alone and

report the sighting to the Coastguard.

The warning follows the temporary closure of Freshwater East beach

over the weekend after an unknown substance was washed ashore

on Saturday.

Samples of the substance are currently being analysed and identified

by Natural Resources Wales.

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Warning signs at Freshwater East have now been taken down after

the polluting substance appeared to have disappeared as a result of

weather and tidal action.

A number of incidents of beached vegetable oils, which resulted in

the death of a dog, have occurred along the South Wales coastline in

recent weeks although it is not yet known if they are linked.

The Emergency Services, Pembrokeshire County Council,

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority and Natural Resources

Wales are working together to survey the shoreline and monitor the


Anyone spotting any unusual material on a beach is asked to ring the

Coastguard on 01646 690909.