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‘£9,000’ stolen in street robbery

street robberyDYFED POWYS POLICE are investigating the mugging of a cashier from CK’s supermarket in Hakin, Milford Haven on Tuesday, November 26.

Mother of two, Claire John, age 31, of Haven Drive, said:

“At about ten past five, I was walking from the supermarket to the Waterloo Road Post Office, about a mile away, carrying the takings from the shop.

“I was debating to get a taxi or not, but they don’t pay my taxis so I decided to walk to save a couple of quid.”

Miss John told The Herald that she had walked as far as Hubberton VC School, when she was forced to the ground by an unknown male assailant. In the struggle, Miss John told The Herald, the money bag she was carrying burst, scattering the takings of the supermarket across the pavement.

Describing the attack, Miss John said:

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“He punched me in the cheeks a couple of times, but I don’t think he wanted to hurt me. He wanted to have the bag. He was having it no matter what.”

Miss John, who sustained light injuries including bruising to her arm, managed to save some of the money after the bag split. The amount which was saved has not been confirmed by Police. A source from CK’s supermarket told The Herald that around £9000.00 was in the bag at the time of the attack.

The takings, the source said, were from Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

If you have information, call the police on 101.