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Application for egg unit

council-bgP E M B R O K E S H I R E COUNTY COUNCIL’S planning and rights of way committee talked of plans to build an egg unit at Langdon Farm in Begelly on Wednesday (Dec 17). Tim Curtis of Langdon Enterprises Ltd made the application, and proposes to build a steel-framed building that will accommodate 16,000 hens to lay free range eggs.

In poultry terms, 16,000 hens is not a large amount, which was pointed out in the applicant’s report to the committee. The proposed building would include a packing area and egg store, a scratch area and a perchery. There would also be a range area outside, which the chickens would have direct access to between 8am and dusk through pop holes.

A tractor and trailer would collect manure and a lorry would collect the eggs twice a week, and would deliver feed once every two weeks. No objections to the development were received.