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Banned drink driver jailed

Drink-drive_2432055cA 21-YEAR-OLD man was sent to prison for 18 weeks after he pleaded guilty to driving whilst disqualified. Armands Nikiforovs, of Crundale, also pleaded guilty to driving whilst under the influence of alcohol and driving without insurance on December 7. Prosecuting, Dennis Davies said: “At five to four in the morning police on duty saw this man drive out of Castle Lake car park in Haverfordwest and turn left on to Barn Street which is a one way street.

As a result the officer stopped the driver and a breath test was conducted. This was positive and at the station he blew a lower reading of 65. It also transpired that this man was disqualified and that he was driving without insurance. He was with his two mates on a night out and was driving home when he was stopped and the owner of the car was sitting next to him.

He has been disqualified on two previous occasions and his last conviction was in December 2013 for which he was banned for four years and he has also served a term in jail. This is aggravated because he was driving with alcohol.” Defending, Mr John said: “He has pleaded guilty at the first opportunity and has co-operated fully with the police.

He is unable to provide an excuse or good reason for getting behind the wheel and accepts he has done something which was extremely foolish. He has resigned himself to his sentence as this is a similar offence to his last one but I would ask that you give appropriate reduction for his cooperation and an early guilty plea.” The Magistrates sent Nikiforovs to prison for 18 weeks for driving whilst disqualified. He was also sentenced to 18 weeks for drink driving which will run concurrently with the other term. There was no separate penalty for driving without insurance and he was banned from driving for a further five years. Nikiforovs was also ordered to pay an £80 victim surcharge.