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Batten down the hatches!

batten down the hatchesNATURAL RESOURCES WALES urged people to take action yesterday (January 2). People in West Wales should be prepared as high tides combined with strong winds could lead to coastal flooding over the coming days.

Most of the Welsh coastline is likely to experience stormy conditions, and the effects are likely to be worst with the high tides from Thursday evening through to Saturday, with tidal surges and large waves potentially causing localised flooding.

This is likely to lead to a large number of coastal Flood Warnings and further Flood Alerts being issued across the Welsh coastline.

People living near the coast should be prepared, and should be careful not to walk or drive too close to the coast during high tide.

People are advised to stay clear of promenades and should not stand too close to the sea front as they could be swept away by large waves or hit by debris.

A spokesperson for NRW said:

“Emergency response workers will be at key sites checking that Natural Resources Wales coastal defences are in good working order and making sure any drainage grids and screens are clear, to reduce the risk to people and their homes.

“Officers are also working closely with relevant local authorities and emergency services to make sure that all areas are prepared ahead of the forecast.

“Flood water can be extremely dangerous, and people should not attempt to walk or drive through it unless instructed by the emergency services.