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‘Blood was everywhere’ in couple’s room

blood everywhereA MAN and his partner from Ammanford appeared in Haverfordwest Magistrates Court on Tuesday to face a charge of criminal damage.

Lianne Karen Cook, aged 29, also faced a charge of possession of cannabis, which she pleaded guilty to. She and her partner, Stephen Shane Kerrison, aged 36, were both charged with criminal damage at Ashby Guest Hotel in Tenby, damaging a carpet, roof slates, a window hinge, bedside cabinet and a chair, though have not yet entered a plea due to certain acceptances of the charge, though not all.

Prosecuting, Ellie Morgan said: “Regarding the charge of possession of cannabis, a wrap containing the drug was found in their room. The defendant accepts the cannabis was hers”.

Defence solicitor Debra Thomas said: “Cook has told me that the wrap was not originally her cannabis and has been in her bag for around three months. She had been given it by a friend to look after and does not smoke it herself”.

Magistrates fined Cook a total of £100 and gave her a conditional discharge of 12 months. A destruction order was also issued for the drugs.

Ellie Morgan continued to speak about the incident regarding the two defendants.

“Cook and Kerrison had arrived around mid-day. They were given a key and showed to their room. In the evening the landlady heard loud noises and banging from their room and knocked on their door. She had to knock hard for a long time before they answered.

“Kerrison answered the door though didn’t open it much, and told the landlady he had ‘Had too much to drink’.

“Afterwards the landlady found furniture smashed with blood everywhere – on the floor, ceiling, bed clothes, bath sink, the window and on towels. There was also blood on the outside of the window and tiles on the roof had been damaged.

“A phone number had been given at the time of the booking, which she called. They arranged to cover costs, though the repair happened to be more expensive than was originally thought. There have been admissions, though not on a full basis”.

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Debra Thomas said: “My clients offered to clean the room, though deny the damage”.

The case was adjourned until June 16. They were both released on unconditional bail.