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Bryn cover up continues

countyhallMONITORING OFFICER Lawrence Harding has disclosed that he WILL NOT be investigating the foul-mouthed tirade launched by CEO Bryn Parry-Jones towards county councillors Peter Morgan and Mark Edwards.

Former Councillor David Edwards contacted Lawrence Harding after reading The Herald’s news story and asked: “It is clear to me that the purpose of this meeting and the “foul mouthed tirade” was to influence the votes of these councillors in the follow on debate at the July council meeting. If, as I believe, this was the case, Mr Parry Jones is in breach of the Code of Conduct concerning the relationship between Officers and Members and I am requesting you to carry out an investigation and report on this matter.”

Lawrence Harding replied: “Neither member has raised a grievance concerning the conduct of any member of staff; such a grievance cannot be submitted on their behalf by an external third party. I therefore shall not be investigating the alleged incident.”

The Herald revealed that County Council leader Jamie Adams had paid a visit to Cllr Edwards at Eddie’s nightclub in Haverfordwest following the revelations in The Herald on August 18.

Mr Harding’s role in shielding Bryn Parry-Jones ahead of the meeting to discuss the CEO’s future on February 14 this year was widely criticised and resulted in a vote of no confidence being tabled in him.