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Budget proposes 3.4% increase in council tax

council taxTHERE will be a small rise in council tax as the Council looks to cut some services and maintain others.

At the County Council Cabinet meeting on Monday, January 13, councillors were presented with a lengthy report which outlined the strategies put in place for the coming years.

Councillor Jamie Adams said: “It is appropriate that we review the provision of our services”.

A loss of funding from the Welsh Government has meant that the council has to reduce its costs by £20million over the next two years. Although it was agreed that there are some risks going forward, councillors were confident that the plans would succeed. The council will be looking to cut some of its services and at the meeting it was agreed that an increase in council tax was necessary to help fund the more vital services. The proposals will see cuts in services of almost £13 million in the next year, although the council has said schools and social care budgets will be protected.

Councillor Jamie Adams said: “When setting council tax for next year, cabinet members were mindful of the financial difficulties currently being faced by people in the county.

“As a result we have aimed to keep the increase in council tax as low as possible,” he said.

He continued: “Despite the increase in council tax, it will still be the lowest in Wales. It is about providing good value for the people of Pembrokeshire. The proposed increase works out at less than an extra 50p per week”.

Councillor Ken Rowlands added: “The public should look at the figures rather than the percentages”.Councillor David Pugh added that it was “a very balanced approach to the budget”.