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Carbon monoxide alarm proves it’s worth


Mid & West Wales Fire and Rescue Service are urging the public to be alert to the dangers of Carbon Monoxide following an incident at a property in Coronation Avenue, Haverfordwest on Saturday evening.

The occupants of the property were alerted to the presence of the gas by their Carbon Monoxide detector, which fortunately provided an early warning allowing them to safely leave their home.

Fire crews from Haverfordwest fire station utilised breathing apparatus to enter and ventilate the property. They also monitored the levels of Carbon Monoxide with specialist gas detection equipment which confirmed the presence of the deadly gas.

The Fire Services County Community Safety Manager Sion Slaymaker said: ‘The occupants of this premises escaped unscathed due to the early warning provided by their Carbon Monoxide detector. This incident serves as a timely reminder of the need to be vigilant to the dangers of Carbon Monoxide.’

Sion added: ‘As the colder winter weather draws nearer, now is an ideal time to ensure that chimneys are swept and are free from obstruction; heating appliances should also be serviced. A blocked or poorly maintained chimney will increase the chances of a build-up of carbon monoxide. Any fuel burning appliance has the potential to produce carbon monoxide; this includes oil and gas appliances such as boilers and fires as well as coal or wood burning fires.’

‘We would urge the public to consider having a free Home Fire Safety Check by qualified fire officers from your community. To arrange a visit please contact 0800 169 1234 or visit our website www.mawwfire.gov.uk