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Child neglect allegations cause family distress

Tammy&DavidAN ANONYMOUS party has accused a family in Pembroke of neglecting their children, The Herald can reveal.
Mr David Coombes, 52 and Mrs Tammy Coombes, 28, of Strongbow Walk, Pembroke recently received a letter from Social Services claiming that their youngest son Logan, aged six, had been taking drugs at the family home, putting himself and the lives of the other children at risk.
Mrs Coombes said: “This is outrageous to suggest that a boy of six has been involved in drug taking. At first we thought it was some kind of joke.”
Mr Coombes rang Social Services regarding the letter and they confirmed that someone had reported them, but were unwilling to disclose information about those involved.
The representative from Social Services said there had been some sort of ‘mix up’ when Mr Coombes spoke to them.
“We were completely horrified that someone could deliberately make these false accusations against us,” Mr Coombes said.
This isn’t the first incident that this family have had to deal with. “David’s mum suffered a stroke earlier in the year and we had to leave the children with his 21-year-old daughter who is more than capable of looking after them” said Mrs Coombes.
But when they returned a few days later she received a phone call from Social Services after someone had reported that her children Loganhad been neglected and not properly cared for.
“We couldn’t believe it, we have always been very loving and devoted parents and would never endanger the lives of our children” said Mr Coombes.
Both Mr and Mrs Coombes suffer with anxiety and depression and the recent letter has left them feeling isolated from the community. “We have a few ideas who is making these allegations but don’t feel its right to confront them directly” said Mrs Coombes.
“All we want is our lives to return to normality again. We feel like we are being harrassed for something that isn’t our fault. The next step for us is to sit back and wait in the hope that this kind of publicity will stop those harrassing us and stop them making these preposterous allegations so we can just get on with our lives”.