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Cliff rescue with a difference for National Park Ranger

cliff rescueA PEMBROKESHIRE Coast National Park Ranger who doubles as a Coastguard recently teamed up with colleagues to help keep a secluded beach beautiful.

Castlemartin Ranger Lynne Houlston rallied fellow Coastguards to haul eight tonnes of wind-blown rubbish from one of the National Park’s scenic beaches.

The rubbish from Flimston Bay on the Castlemartin Range included plastic, netting and gas bottles. It took 12 people more than four hours to haul it up the cliffs.

Lynne, who works with the MOD and the National Park Authority in her job as Castlemartin Ranger, said: “We were all asked if anyone could help remove bags of rubbish from Flimston Bay. As a Ranger I wasn’t able to help as the cliffs were too steep; but as a Coastguard I could help because we train on the cliffs.

“The rubbish had been collected by a film crew using the beach but if it wasn’t removed it would eventually be washed back out to sea.”

Litter inevitably washes up on the National Park’s beaches from time to time, and Flimston Bay is no exception.

Lynne added: “With the Pembrokeshire coastline set to endure the full brunt of the winter weather, it is important that we all do our bit to keep our beaches litter free so that damage to the coastal environment is kept to a minimum.”

Keep an eye out for organised beach cleans and follow the Countryside Code by taking your litter home with you.