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Zero cost pumping solution for businesses

zero costRURAL businesses across Wales are set to benefit from a major innovation, with a new campaign from Source for Business – the business support service from South West Water – which highlights how to save money on water pumping costs, through the use of natural water sources.

Working with Cornwall-based PAPA Utility Services, customers are now able to make use of natural watercourses on their land using a PAPA pump, the installation cost of which can be recouped in as little as 12 months.

Llanelli-based Emyr Phillips has been appointed a dedicated sales manager for the Welsh market by Source for Business. He has worked within the agricultural industry since 1986, and will now be using his years of expertise to showcase the benefits of the PAPA pump to a new Welsh audience.

Using only the natural flow of a watercourse such as a stream or river, a PAPA pump can provide water to the places it is needed most, with minimal maintenance and virtually no running costs. The pump is able to transport water large distances using just the natural flow of the watercourse, with an average supply of 14 litres per minute. This water can then be put to a wide variety of uses, from providing drinking water for livestock to irrigating crops and nurseries. A PAPA pump could also be set up to draw off water to storage ponds in times of plenty, such as when water levels are high following heavy rain.

Not only is this a very cost-effective solution, but also an entirely natural one, requiring no electricity, diesel or other polluting fuels. In fact, any water returned to rivers and streams after passing through a PAPA pump is fully aerated, carrying extra oxygen that is beneficial to plants and animals alike.

Emyr commented: “I come from a farming background myself, so am well aware of the cost benefit the pump can bring. I’m really looking forward to helping farmers and landowners across Wales to save money on their water pumping costs with the PAPA pump.”

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Dr Dylan Bright, Sustainability Manager for South West Water, added: “We are delighted to be working with PAPA to offer this revolutionary technology to customers across Wales. It really is a no-cost energy solution to replace traditional fuel or electric pumps, whilst at the same time being very sustainable in terms of its impact on the environment.”

“The PAPA pump is simple to install and requires minimal maintenance. We believe it is of benefit to a huge range of rural businesses including farms, nurseries, campsites, leisure facilities and large estates, as well as a vital tool for storing water for when supply is limited.”

For more information about a PAPA pump solution or to request a site visit please contact Source for Business on 01392 443567 or email [email protected]