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Council not in the dark

countyhallAN EAGLE-EYED reader contacted The Pembrokeshire Herald and told us of an ironical twist on the Council’s eagerness to switch off street lights around the County in the wee, small hours to save electricity. Beginning by mentioning the Council’s failure to observe the symbolic turning off of lights in August to mark the centenary of the start of The Great War, our reader continues: “On Friday, December 19, I was walking in town at around midnight and County Hall was lit up like a Christmas tree.

Our reader goes on to ask: “Is this really the way forward for the council, as they seem to turn all residential lights off in the towns and villages of Pembrokeshire? Turning off all of these lights is potentially a health and safety problem for anyone working or walking around our County’s streets at night. “Maybe the council are trying to remember the blitz of 1940, I don’t know; but maybe that would be better remembered in 2040.

I know that the council have to save money, but putting people at risk is not the way forward. “Pembrokeshire County Council please turn your lights off as we public do not have an option. “Keeping your house in order before keeping us in the dark would be better!”