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Council tax will rise 26% under Dyfed, says Leader

tax riseCOUNCIL Leader, Jamie Adams, gave a passionate speech at full council yesterday where he warned that moving to a new Dyfed County Council or merging Pembrokeshire with Ceredigion council would cost cash strapped county residents money.

His comments came as members voted in a 3.4% rise in council tax for the financial year 2014/15.

He said to members: “We have as all councils have issues with the capacity we have to undertake services. The council tax rise of around 50p a week is the lowest rise in both cash and percentage terms in Wales. We remain by far the county with the lowest council tax, fees, and charges in Wales. In terms of our neighbours we are all aware that the Williams report is considering reconfiguration of local authorities in Wales.”

“If I was here today considering a rise for a new Dyfed County Council then it would be a rise of 26% or £193 per year. A move to Dyfed will cost residents of this county on a band D considerably more and exponentially more on other bands. If there was a merger with Ceregidion then that rise would be 15.9% or £118 per year.”

Cllr Adams concluded by saying: “People should reflect on those figures and understand that this council is truly committed to driving value for our residents.”

Cllr Bob Kilmister said: “I agree with Cllr Adams, Dyfed mark 2 will cost money and I have no confidence that it will provide better services. The financial facts speak for themselves.”

Band D Council Tax will increase from £741.17 to £766.55, an increase of £25.38 per year.