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Councillors to look at whistle-blowing

council-bgSIX county councillors have taken home a lengthy list of documents to research over the Christmas holidays. The ‘homework’ is the initial preparation by a newly-formed joint task and finish group, which will look at the effectiveness of Pembrokeshire County Council’s whistle-blowing policy. The group’s purpose will be to ensure that the Council’s key policy is robust and fit for purpose.

The six councillors are Pat Davies, Jonathan Nutting, David Bryan, Vivien Stoddart, Mike James and Reg Owens. Staff at all levels will be invited to contribute their views to the project by means of focus groups and drop-in sessions In addition to assessing the written evidence of partner organisations such as Hywel Dda University Health Board, and looking at best practice guidance from the Wales Audit Office and Welsh Government, the group’s research will include discussions with the Council’s senior managers and Cabinet members.

Union representatives will be invited to make their contribution to the group’s work. When the work is complete, it is intended that a report will be presented to the relevant scrutiny committees in the spring. Any recommendation coming from the report – if approved by the full overview and scrutiny committee – will be directed to the most appropriate decisionmaking body, for example, Cabinet, Council, or the corporate management team. The initiative stems from joint working between the scrutiny committees.

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  • This is the council that sacked the whistle blower who raised concerns over child safety – it took TEN YEARS after the first concerns were raised for the Police to act and the paedophile to eventually end in prison.

    I seem to recall the “good” folks within the council still denying everything, still trying to blame the whistleblower – TRULY DISGUSTING – what if it was their kids being abused?

    msybe any one within the council who DOES NOT raise concerns if they believe something wrong or the managers failing to act on those concerns should be sacked – no pay offs,no signing gagging clauses,no making the lives of whistle blowers intolerable and certainly no pension – just the order of the boot!