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Covid 19: Latest figures show an increase in infections in Wales

223 new cases of Covid 19 were recorded in Wales today (Wednesday, June 9), this represents the biggest leap in a day since mid-March and 201 more infections than the day before.

No new coronavirus deaths were reported during the same 24 period.

These are according to the latest figures published by Public Health Wales, these figures show that most local authorities in Wales have recorded an increase in new infections the day after reports showed no positive cases the previous day. 

These figures are adding to the growing level of concern that the more transmissible Delta variant may lead to a third wave of cases in Wales.

PHW figures show that the weekly infection rate across the country has increased to 11.2, this is based on the number of new confirmed infections per 100,000 people in the week leading up to June 4.

The infection rate in Wales has now increased every day for the last ten days straight.

Public Health Wales have predicted that the number of infections will increase again over the next week as an issue in the flow of data meant that not enough positive tests were properly recorded between June 5 to June 7. That backlog is expected to be worked through and recorded properly in the next 72 hours and will cause an increase in positive test results.

Conwy is still the area of Wales that has the most reported cases of Covid with the infection rate increasing again to 30.7 per 100,000 population. This increase follows a ‘hot spot’ of Delta variant cases around Penrhyn Bay, Llandudno Junction and Llandudno.

213,411 positive tests have been reported in Wales since the pandemic started, Wales’ total number of Covid-related deaths is still 5,570 people as there have not been any deaths in the country with confirmed Covid-19 since May 25.