CARMARTHENSHIRE MP Jonathan Edwards has accused the Labour Government of engaging in culture war politics in introducing all Wales Nitrate Vulnerable Zone and of using farmers as an election football.
Mr Edwards was responding to the intentions of the Labour Government to introduce the policy from next month.
Jonathan Edwards said: “There is nothing new surrounding issues of slurry management and I am therefore completely confused as to why the Labour Government are so intent on bringing forward this poorly thought out policy a month before an election.
“Creating an all-Wales NVZ seems completely ham-fisted. A more subtle policy would have concentrated on problem geographical areas instead of a blanket all-Wales policy.
“The Labour Government have also failed to consider the emergence of innovative slurry management technology.
“Coleg Sir Gar Gelli Aur campus has been working on a dewatering and purification system for slurry resulting in zero waste.
“The Labour Government should be using its environmental budget to help the industry make the transition to the use of new technology.
“Unfortunately, the Labour Government have decided to engage in the politics of culture war: creating division between farmers and the environmental lobby instead of working collaboratively on areas of mutual interest.
“Instead of using farmers as a political football, the Labour Government should be working with our agricultural sector who are already having to contend with the huge challenges created by the Tory British Governments Brexit policy.”