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‘Dobby’s gravestone’ vanishes from beach

A MEMORIAL placed to mark the final resting place of Harry Potter’s fictional house elf ‘Dobby’ has been stolen from Freshwater West.

A villager from nearby Angle made the discovery on Monday, April 8 that the stone, which read: ‘Here Lies Dobby, A free Elf’, had been removed.

Locals are mystified as to who removed the stone, especially as it serves as an attraction for Harry Potter fans visiting the county.

News of the theft shocked many on social media however nearby residents claim that it’s been stolen from the beach before and, as the marker isn’t official, it’s expected that a new one will be placed on the spot soon by fans of the film and book series.

The Herald reached out to The Ministry of Wizarding Affairs for comment but no response was received by the time of going to press.