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‘Double jeopardy’ for Brawdy soldier

courtA BRAWDY soldier was fined a total of £415 and given a 14 month disqualification at Haverfordwest Magistrates court on Tuesday.

John Dillon Angus, aged 22, of Cawdor Barracks, pleaded guilty to failing to give a blood sample following an accident.

Jackie Lis, prosecuting, told the court that during the early hours on November 30 last year the defendant was involved in an accident at Pelcomb Bridge and that following the accident he flatly refused to give a blood sample.

Defending, Mike Kelleher said that he had a drink and when he was taken to A&E had asked for a solicitor. One wasn’t provided immediately and he refused to give a sample. He again asked for a solicitor but at the time one was not available. “It’s double jeopardy for him, as he will also be prosecuted by the army,” he said.

Magistrates also imposed on Angus the Clearview scheme and gave him 28 days to pay.