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Driver caught over the limit twice

keep safeAN INTERIM driving disqualification was given to a Fishguard man after he was caught driving whilst over the legal limit twice in two weeks.

The court heard that David Llwehelin, aged 65, of Maes Gwyn Farm, Maeswynne plead guilty to two charges. Llewhelin is charged with driving his Renault Scenic car on November 30 at Maesgwynne Lane with 86 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath. He is also charged with driving the same vehicle at Maesgwynne on December 13 with 62 microgrammes of alchol in 100 millilitres of breath which also exceeds the legal limit.

The bench was told that the defendant was stopped on November 30 by police doing a spot check when it was found he was over the limit. Two weeks later on December 13, the defendant was again stopped by police who again were conducting spot checks and he was found again to be over the legal limit and was on bail for driving over the limit two weeks prior. On issuing an interim driving disqualification magistrates adjourned the case for pre sentence reports with the probation service until January 15 2014.