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Driver had ‘three cans and nothing to eat’

three cansA TENBY man appeared in Haverfordwest Magistrates Court on Tuesday to face a charge of drink-driving.

Robert Brian Jackson, aged 31, of Greenhayes, pleaded guilty to driving his Vauxhall Vectra which under the influence of alcohol.

Prosecuting, Ellie Morgan said: “At 10.30pm on December, 4 a police officer stopped a vehicle travelling north on Dredgemans Hill. Two people were inside, and Jackson was the driver. The officer noted alcohol on Jackson’s breath.

Jackson told the officer he had ‘Three cans and nothing to eat’.”

Defence solicitor Mark Layton said: “Jackson should be credited for his early guilty plea”.

Magistrates disqualified Jackson for 12 months and fined him a total of £360.