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Fine time for library users

messychurchPEMBROKE’S Town Hall Messy Church has received a ringing endorsement from Mayor Councillor Pauline Waters. Speaking at the end of Decembers incredibly successful ‘Flash Nativity Event’, which saw more than ninety children and adults celebrate the Christmas story Cllr Waters said: “I’ve come along to Messy Church for the second time and I have thoroughly enjoyed it once again.

“ I brought my niece and goddaughter and there would have been a third but he was ill. We have an amazing time playing games, colouring, sticking tinsel and singing carols. And the food was absolutely fantastic. The children were all given presents but the main thing I would want to stress is that we were trying to show what Christmas is all about, and it starts off with baby Jesus in the manger . ” Town Hall Messy Church opened in the Town Hall Pembroke in October and is going from ‘ strength to strength ‘, as said by Baptist Pastor Rob James , who acts as a Church and Media Consultant for the Evangelical Alliance .

He said: “It meets every first Wednesday of the month and will recommence on January 6. It is designed for any children in general but I do know that those who organise it are keen to reach out to children and parents who have no church affiliation at all. Messy Church is intended to be a time of fun, laughter and food as the team seek to bring the Christian message into the heart of the community . “And I must admit it is simply fantastic to see them running up the Main Street because they want to get there as quickly as possible. We even had a family this time that had gone shopping and had been directed to us by a supportive shopkeeper. I hope they came away thinking they had found a bargain because everything with us is free, even the great food.

“ I am so thankful to those who have been supportive of this great initiative including the Mayor and Rose the caretaker who has gone out of her way to help Messy Church advance as much as it has already. I can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring let alone what fun we are going to have.” For more information on Messy Church visit www.messychurch.org. uk or telephone Katie Collins on 07789 758613.