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Geoffrey Bran cleared of murdering wife

A BUSINESSMAN accused of murdering his wife at the chip shop they ran together has been cleared of all charges

Geoffrey Bran was cleared of murdering his wife Mavis by a unanimous jury verdict at Swansea Crown Court on Tuesday (Nov 19).

The jury also cleared him of an alternative count of manslaughter.

Judge Paul Thomas QC spoke to those in the public gallery before the verdict was delivered.

He said: “Whatever the verdict is, it may be the verdict you want, it may be the verdict you don’t want, but it must be met in silence,” he says.

The defendant, who had denied murder and was discharged from the dock after being cleared on Tuesday.

Judge Paul Thomas QC told the jury: “The responsibility and burden put upon you is a large one. But if it wasn’t for people like you to do this, the system would not work.”

Mavis Bran’s sister Susan James said following the verdict: “We are happy for Geoff. It was one of those situations. We have got the result we hoped for.”