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Graffiti vandal fined £705

vandal finedA SPATE of graffiti on properties in Milford Haven resulted in a 20-year-old Lampeter Velfrey man fined a total of £705 at Haverfordwest Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Oscar Joe Shepherd, of Bryndawel, pleaded guilty to eight charges of damaging properties on November 2 of last year in Robert Street, Dartmouth Street and Victoria Road.

Prosecuting, Jackie Lis told the court that graffiti had appeared on the buildings which included writing and words showing “Culture Vulture”. She went on to say to the bench that the defendant, who is a member of Culture Vulture, had been playing with the band in the Basement Club as a support band that night.

The defendant, she said, had been drinking heavily that night and had struggled to remember all that had happened. Continuing, she said that spray cans had been passed around but the defendant could not remember who else did what. Concluding she said that there were some very, very angry residents in Milford Haven and that by failing to name others he can be held responsible, properties had to be repainted or pressure washed.

Mr Robin Reed, defending, said that the band had been a support band that night and the defendant had drunk a lot and had committed some of the offences, but not all of them. Mr Reed said the police are still looking for others who are involved. The defendant, he said, is moving to London this week as he wants to get into the music industry.

After adjourning the magistrates told Shepherd: “This was a very unpleasant night of activity, you would have been enraged if someone did this to your property”.

Shepherd agreed to pay £5 a week and was also given a 12 month conditional discharge.