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Found guilty of two incidents

A PEMBROKE DOCK man was fined £280 for two separate incidents by Haverfordwest Magistrates on Tuesday. 

Brad Harwood, aged 21, of Elizabeth Court, pleaded guilty to possessing 3.5 grams cannabis and breaking a window. Prosecuting, Ellie Morgan said: “On December 9, 2013, Harwood at been at his friend’s house, he had left some stuff there and said he would be back later to pick them up. “At 3am the following morning the occupant, Gemma Quinn, was woken by a crashing noise. She thought it was the wind blowing against the gate and went back to sleep. “At around 9am she went downstairs to find that the window had been put out and there was also glass on the floor. “Harwood says he did drink alcohol that night but added that he has no recollection of the incident”. In relation to the second incident, Ellie Morgan said: “On May 1 the police were called to an incident involving a large number of people. “Police asked Harwood if he had anything on his person that he shouldn’t have, he said no but when they searched him they found two wraps of cannabis down his trouser leg and a further wrap in his coat pocket”. Defending, Mark Layton said: “He does not remember breaking the window, but there is scientific evidence that tells us he was the person who smashed the window. Glass fragment were found on Harwood’s trousers that matched the glass particles of the smashed window”. Harwood was told to pay £100 for the damage to the window, £40 for the possession of cannabis as well as court costs of £120