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Heatwave: Temperatures rise as holidaymakers arrive

THE Met Office have warned that temperatures are expected to climb to 32C today as Wales enters it sixth day of a heatwave.

The weather warning comes as holidaymakers are expected to hit the roads in their millions to enjoy staycations rather than travel abroad.

The soaring temperatures have increased pressure on emergency services with The Welsh Ambulance Service advising that due to “extreme pressure” there was an “incident” on Monday evening where demand overtook capacity, this is because they are currently receiving over 2000 emergency 999 calls a day.

The RAC has also warned motorists that today (Wednesday, July 21) is on track to be the busiest day on UK roads with over 2.6 million leisure trips expected, a further 2.3 million are predicted for Friday.

Delays on roads could also be up to 30% longer than normal July traffic as people choose UK-based holidays due to foreign travel restrictions.

Temperatures have been high all over the country with Usk and Cardiff both recording 30.9C, the highest temperatures seen in Wales during the 6-day-heatwave.

The weather is expected to change by the weekend with thunderstorms and rain expected.

Long-term predictions from The Met Office reveal that there is another similar heatwave predicted for August