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House explodes while owner on holiday

16.09.13A WOMAN who was on holiday in Crete received a phone call from the police telling her that her house in Beulah, Cardiganshire has blown up.
‘Sorry, but your house has exploded’ was the simple message that the police said to 49-year-old Michelle Wright.
No one was hurt in the blast which fire services say was caused by a build-up of gas, possibly because an appliance was left on.
Michelle, a photography lecturer, is expected to cut short her holiday and fly home to assess the damage.
Shocked neighbours said the explosion was like a “bomb going off”.
The explosion propelled Mrs Wright’s front door into the middle of the road, while shattered glass flew into a field of horses nearby. The rest lay in a heap of broken timber, plasterboard and tiles.
One of her neighbours said: ‘’I was watching TV and there was one horrendous bang. I looked up the road and I could see that the house next door had disappeared. I went outside and it was snowing – it was the insulation coming down from the sky and it lasted for another five minutes.’
Another neighbour said “I can’t believe so much damage has been done, it’s like a bomb’s gone off in it”.
The message to all homeowners who go on holiday is that they should make sure all appliances are turned off before they leave.