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I’m not paying the fine

image001A TENBY man, who was fined just under £1000, kicked the door open and said “I’m not paying the fine” as he stormed out of Haverfordwest Magistrates Court on Wednesday.
Joseph Owen, from Dingle Nook, Penally, who didn’t find out about the hearing until Wednesday morning after returning home from work, was found guilty of failing to provide information to the police.
On November 7 a car was spotted going 37 miles an hour in a 30 miles an hour zone but it is unsure who was driving.
Owen stated that he works away a lot but could not remember whether it was himself or his partner driving the car.
He also seemed confused as to which day the offence occurred on, believing it to have happened on December 7.
A notice was served on November 19 but the couple asked for a photo to be sent to see if this could help identify who was driving the car.
Owen said “It must have been one of us but we can’t tell”
During cross examination it was said that Owen did not make enough relevant enquiries as to who it was that drove on that day.
Owen explained that they do various activities, taking their children to clubs and parties and explained how he and his partner often share responsibility and therefore they could not remember who had been driving at the time of the offence.
It was also put forward that Owen hadn’t looked into it deeply enough as he was unsure whether or not he was working.
The speeding charge was dropped as they could not tell who was in the car but he was found guilty of failing to provide information to the Police.
Having pleaded not guilty originally, Owen seemed shocked at the outcome and said that he would not be paying the total fine of £966.
He was told he could face prison if he did not pay and then stormed out of the courtroom, kicking a door on his way out.
He was let off for his behaviour as the judge took into consideration that he had had no sleep after driving back home from Lowestoft in the early hours of Wednesday morning.