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AM learns about LPG switching

lpg switchingAM Paul Davies has met a local LPG switching service to hear more about how Pembrokeshire residents can save money by switching their service.

‘Switch My LGP’ is a local, independent company providing a totally free comparison and switching service for bulk LPG users. The company specialise in the bulk LPG market for both residential and commercial users.

Mr Davies said: “I was delighted to talk to Switch My LPG and hear more about how their service can help people across Pembrokeshire. I know that access to mains gas is a problem for some of my constituents and so I welcome services like Switch My LPG, who can provide people with the option of choosing another supplier.

“Many people are not aware that, since April 13, 2009 , all bulk domestic LPG users customers, who are supplied LPG via a bulk tank , can switch their LPG supplier without actually having to change their tank. Therefore, I would encourage the people to take advantage of this free service provided by Switch My LPG, to help find you a new cost-effective supplier.”