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Missing woman too cold for thermal imaging camera

A MISSING woman who was so cold that thermal imaging cameras couldn’t detect her, was returned home safely thanks to two determined PCSOs.
The woman had been missing for three hours when she was found freezing cold and motionless on a railway track in Carmarthenshire on Wednesday, January 20.
Dyfed-Powys Police received a report that the woman had gone missing from her home at around 8.20pm. With stormy weather, the temperature dropping, and darkness having set in, concerns for her welfare were immediately high, and finding her became a priority for the division.
Led by a specialist search officer, a team of police officers and PCSOs, including the dog unit and Special Constables, were tasked to look for her.
Sergeant Dylan Davies, who headed up the search, said: “This was an incredibly fast-paced search, with officers conducting all possible enquiries to find the woman safe and well, and as soon as possible.
“We managed to trace a potential location, however despite our best efforts, she was nowhere to be found.
“The lack of light, and very poor weather conditions made the search very difficult, but our officers and staff swiftly worked through a list of enquiries to ensure all possible actions were carried out.”
Due to the heavy rain and wind, the National Police Air Service was unable to assist, however help was provided by a Coastguard helicopter.
Despite the Dyfed-Powys Police Force Incident Manager making contact with the missing woman and gaining a vague location where she might have been, searches from the air and on land proved unsuccessful.
“What was incredibly concerning was that she said she was near a railway line, but couldn’t explain where she was,” Sgt Davies said.
“We later discovered that despite having her location, and the helicopter flying directly overhead, she was so cold that thermal imaging cameras were not able to pick her up.
“This shows just how critical the situation was.”
Thankfully, PCSOs Dayton Hughes and Ian Morgan painstakingly searched the area, and finally spotted her at 11.25pm – three hours after she was reported missing.
“She was motionless, soaking wet and freezing cold, but to all our relief she roused and was able to be taken home to her family once she had warmed up,” Sgt Davies said.
“I dread to think what could have happened had she spent any more time exposed to those conditions.
“I would like to offer my sincere thanks to all the team who was involved in the search, but in particular to PCSOs Hughes and Morgan for their determination and tenacity in working beyond their tour of duty to ensure the missing woman was found and taken safely home.”