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Notice to Mariners

PortA notice has been issued to Mariners this week explaining that Marine survey operations are to be carried out on the Milford Haven waterway.
The survey is being carried out by South Hook CHP who plan to connect the north of the island to the south.
Plans are in place to build a new station next to the existing LNG terminal and the survey conducted will allow South Hook to identify the best way to do this.
Before they can do this there are a number of constraints including the Maerl and Eelgrass which are located in the water.
A spokesperson for South Hook CHP said, “As identified in the application for a development consent order (DCO) for the South Hook CHP project now under examination by the Planning Inspectorate, an electrical connection between the CHP plant and Pembroke sub-station is required.
“Though this grid connection does not form part of the CHP Plant's DCO application, the DCO application identified two methods of making the connection – a tunnel and subsea cables.  Both involve crossing the Haven waterway.
“To provide information to help make the grid connection decision, a non-intrusive survey of the waterway is required.  It is this work which is currently being undertaken and is the subject of the MHPA Notice to Mariners (number 79). The survey is being planned and implemented in consultation with Milford Haven Port Authority”