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Oakwood’s wooden roller coaster shared over social media for “shaking”

A VIDEO of Megafobia in Oakwood has been shared over social media after a visitor captured a video of the ride “shaking”. 

Megafobia has been a part of Oakwood for over 20 years. However, members of the public are calling for the ride to be shut down due to fears of the ride being unsafe. 

As many people have explained on social media, roller coasters – especially wooden ones – are meant to sway. 

If tracks and structures on roller coasters are too rigid, they are prone to breaking due to the weight of the passing train. 

Swaying and shaking tracks reduce the maximum force applied. Roller coasters are designed to sway, especially in tight corners and high g-force locations. 

A spokesperson for Oakwood Theme Park has said: “Megafobia is a wooden roller coaster, which by design allows lateral movement of the track and structure to flex as the train passes over the track. 

“The ride is inspected on a daily basis, and is certified for operation under the ADIPS scheme.  The ride has always flexed in this manner, and the footage is representative of how the ride operates and in accordance with the design.

“The safety and wellbeing of all our visitors and staff is of paramount importance, and we appreciate those that have contacted us to seek clarification.”