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Pembroke Dock: Gym plans approved by councillors

PLANS for a former office building in Pembroke Dock to be turned into a gym have been approved by Pembrokeshire County Council’s Planning Committee.

The committee met on Tuesday (Jul 26), to consider the application which was for a change of use of the building.

The building in question was previously used by the benefits agency on Devonshire Road and there would not need to be any alteration to it for its use as a gym.

The plans were unanimously approved with one councillor saying it was ‘good’ to see the building being used once again.

Prior to its first use the applicant will also be required to install a bird or bat box to enhance biodiversity in the area.

Cllr Brian Hall said: “It has been dormant and empty for some time but it’s going to go to use for something for the town and I have no problems moving the recommendation for approval. There is ample parking in and around that area. None of the residents that I know have said they are against it so I will willingly move approval.”

Cllr Tony Wilcox seconded and said it was good to see the building being used.

Cllr Andrew Edwards asked about disabled access and toilet facilities. Cllr Hall said there was plenty of disabled access when the building was in its previous use.

The Planning officer added that she couldn’t confirm whether or not the toilets would be accessible to disabled users.

Mr David Popplewell said that would be for building regulations to consider and said this application was just for a change of use of the building.