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Pembrokeshire boy helps dreams come true

newlifechristianfellowshipGEORGE, aged 8, had a dream. He dreamt of people without clean water, and disturbed by the dream, spoke to his Nan, Rhonwen, saying he wanted to use his pocket money to help people get clean water. Rhonwen, the leader of New Life Christian Fellowship Sunday School, who meet in Kilgetty Community Center, asked the Church to help George fund raise. They held stalls in various craft fairs in the hope of donating the funds to UK Christian Relief and Development Agency Tearfund, who work directly with those effected through the local Church partners.

This little boy’s dream is helping people like Doreen, 13, and her sister Jouvllet,11. They have big dreams, but face a big mountain. The sisters live in Kabale District, south-west Uganda, where the mountainous landscape creates a stunning vista. Somewhat spoiling the view, every day, twice a day they walk down a 3km mountain and carry 20 litres of water back up.

This is extremely hard work, it often makes them late for school, affecting their education, it also puts them in danger of attack. George’s dream is helping to make dreams like the sisters’ come true: “I want to train to be a headmistress because they get an opportunity to teach others and pass knowledge to them so that they can also get a better life,” says Doreen. “When I teach them they will get better paid jobs. They will be able to get money and establish their homes with a good income.” Though the girls can see a bright future ahead, there’s one big mountain in the way.

This is what Tearfund, with this kind of local support and working through their network of local churches in the areas affected, are seeing changed. Over the year, £300 was raised by George with New Life Christian Fellowship, and a cheque was recently presented to Tearfund’s ambassadors, Francis and Ann Maull for Tearfund’s One Big Mountain water project.

Ann Maull said: “We thank George, and New Life Fellowship for their support; and would love others in Pembrokeshire and beyond to help raise funds for girls like Doreen and Jouvllet, so that they and their communities, can easily access the safe water they need to live.” Just £7 can give one person access to clean water near their home. £28 could give four girls like Doreen and Jouvllet access to clean water near their home giving them a safer and better future.

£42 can provide a family of six with a water tank at their home. £100 can help provide a protected spring that 200 people can use to access clean water. Ann added: “Water is an essential commodity we often take for granted, we turn on the tap and it’s there. For some people water comes only at a great cost. With your help, Tearfund can change this, helping people to improve their communities and make their dreams a reality.”