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People betrayed over bid for Euro cash

euro cashMID AND WEST AM Simon Thomas has described the dismissal of any possibility of emergency European funds for storm hit areas in west Wales by Welsh Secretary David Jones as a betrayal.

Conservative Secretary of State for Wales David Jones has suggested that the Treasury was unlikely to release extra money for flood hit areas and he doubted EU funds would be available. He argued that it was up to the Welsh Government to help with the clear up.

Plaid Cymru AM Simon Thomas said: “This refusal by the Secretary State for Wales to bid for emergency Euro cash is a betrayal of the people in west Wales hit by the recent storms. It really calls into question his suitability for such a role.

“He should be standing up for the people of Wales and making the case for extra help for those who have lost their livelhoods and homes. By refusing to prepare the case for additional money from Westminster and Europe he is betraying the very people he is supposed to represent around the UK cabinet table.

“Welsh MEP Jill Evans has pointed out it is the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition that is responsible to bid for money from the European Union solidarity fund. This Tory-led government’s idealogical zeal against all things European means we continue to lose out from money that is rightfully ours to help communities clearing up after flooding.

“The blame game between the Welsh Government and Westminster about who should pay for the aftermath of the storms shows why we continue to need strong Plaid Cymru representation to put Wales first everytime.”