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Plans submitted for new solar farm

solar_2545094bVOGT Solar and Solafields, have submitted plans for a 10.8MW solar farm at Yerbeston Gate Farm, Yerbeston, to Pembrokeshire County Council.
The solar farm, proposed for a site located west of the A4075, would sit on 18.6 hectares (45 acres) of land and would generate enough renewable energy for approximately 3,000 homes.
Leaflets were sent to more than 100 properties in Cresselly, Loveston, Yerbeston and Carne; and made available in the Yerbeston Gate Farm Shop. Eleven comments were received, with 100% support for the project.
Paul Holmes-Ling of Vogt Solar says: “Although the level of feedback we received was fairly low, we are very pleased with the support shown for the solar farm. The site at Yerbeston Gate is well screened by woodland and hedgerows so will have a minimal visual impact. Also, the solar farm will help the farm to diversify their business and be more sustainable.
“We will be planting the land around the solar panels with wildflowers to encourage biodiversity, which will attract insects, birds and bees; and will be grazed by sheep. This way, the land can remain in agricultural use whilst green energy is being generated.”
Hedgerows and trees bordering the site would be enhanced to improve existing and provide new habitats. Hedgehog homes and bird and bat boxes would also be introduced to the site.
Mr Holmes-Ling continued: “Should the solar farm go ahead, we will work closely with Jeffreyston Community Council and relevant stakeholders to explore the ways in which the proposal could benefit the local community as a whole.”
Renewable energy schemes, such as the proposed solar farm, are strongly supported by both UK and European policy. The project will make a valuable contribution to the UK’s energy targets of producing 15% of the energy we need from renewable sources by 2020.
Pembrokeshire County Council will now consider the planning application and members of the public can view details and submit their comments via the website athttp://planning.pembrokeshire.gov.uk citing planning application reference 13/0501/PA.
If approved, the solar farm would take around eight to 10 weeks to build. The solar farm would be temporary, and would be decommissioned after 30 years.