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Police swoop on beach party mayhem

beach-partyDYFED-POWYS POLICE have been called out to a number of beach locations to prevent teenage party revellers getting out of hand.

 The problems started over the May half term on Broad Haven beach, Haverfordwest, and have continued up to last weekend officers from South Ceredigion Neighbourhood Policing Team were called to a beach gathering at Newport Sands. During these patrols alcohol was seized from a number of underage youngsters, and one driver was issued with a Section 59 warning after driving his vehicle in an antisocial manner on the beach. Over the half term Festivals Week, police were called on a number of occasions to Broad Haven beach where a series of teenage parties were in full swing. They confiscated large quantitates of alcohol and dealt with complaints that the youngsters were drinking, smoking and littering the beach. Villagers also complained of intimidating behaviour and foul language. A festival banner worth over £200 was also set on fire during one beach rave. On a more serious note, broken glass was strewn across the sand, causing an extremely dangerous hazard. Police were forced to issue four section 27 notices to move them on, and a 17 year old was found to be in possession of cannabis. As a result 27 local teenagers will be receiving antisocial referral letters. PCSO Ben Cole told The Herald: “Our message is simple – we’re not here to spoil anybody’s fun but sometimes evening gatherings on beaches can lead to antisocial behaviour. Where that happens we will use our powers to deal with it. It is an offence for anyone under 18 to be in possession of alcohol and it will be seized by officers. Similarly drivers who use their vehicles in an antisocial manner and cause danger or alarm to others risk having their vehicles seized.” Angry resident, Robin Mogg, Chairman of Havens Business Group and Havens Festival, told The Herald: “On the evenings of May 26 and 27 a large number of young people congregated on Broad Haven beach. Some were dropped off by adults along with various quantities of alcohol. Far too many of these children were under the legal age for consuming alcohol. A mindless element in the crowd decided the colourful flags would look better in flames and the sandy beach would be greatly enhanced by the addition of broken glass. Many thanks to our Council beach cleaner.” Local resident Gavin Young said: “No one minds people having beach parties, as long as people clean up after them and are respectful to other residents. The parents don’t seem to care that they are dropping their kids off to a party where they are drinking.” Police will be patrolling local beaches over the summer on the lookout for anyone behaving in an antisocial manner, but will also need the help of the public. If you are a victim or a witness, you should contact Dyfed Powys Police on 101. In an emergency call 999.