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Police tackle domestic abuse

Dyfed powys policeDYFED POWYS POLICE is raising awareness of Domestic Abuse with the launch of Operation Baltic to help ensure vulnerable members of our community stay safe.

The aim of the initiative, which will run from November through to the festive period, is to improve police response and subsequent investigation of all reports of Domestic Abuse – and ultimately support prosecutions.

Domestic abuse is any violence between partners or former partners in an intimate relationship. The violence can include physical, sexual, emotional or financial abuse, threats and damage.

From the outset it is important that victims are encouraged to report offences so police and partner agencies can support those who need it and bring criminals to justice.

Domestic abuse is a serious and widespread problem, although it is often hidden in the family. People are abused from every race, class, religion and culture; regardless of age, sexuality, disability or gender.

One in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will be affected at some time in their lives by domestic abuse. Men as well as women can be the victims, and it also affects same-sex relationships.

Everyone has the right to live free from fear, intimidation and abuse, especially within their own home. And it is this approach coupled with our support for victims – and early intervention, which Op Baltic promotes. Detective Superintendent Shane Williams says: “Our main concern is to protect victims and any children to make sure they are not at continuing risk.

“We have dedicated Domestic Abuse Officers who are there to provide support and information to male and female victims and their children. We will investigate all offences in order to bring perpetrators to justice and ultimately safeguard the victim and their children.”

Along with collaborative Partners, Dyfed-Powys Police strives to ensure victims are given enough information to be able to access help, advice or services from other agencies when it is safe and convenient for them.

Det Supt Shane Williams adds: “As an organisation and together with our Partner Agencies we want to give victims the courage and confidence to come forward and report such incidents so we can jointly deal with the risks, support the victim and bring persons to justice. Our specialist officers can arrange a number of measures in order to secure the safety of the victim and children.”

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