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Prolific burglar gets 12 months jail

A TENBY man pleaded guilty to burglary at Haverfordwest Magistrates Court on Tuesday (October 1).
Andrew David Broadhurst, of Holloway Court, Penally, entered the Three Mariners pub in the early hours of September 9 shortly after the Ironman weekend, and stole £125 from a cash register.
On inspection, the assistant manager of the hotel found that a door had been forced open. Broadhurst was then spotted and when asked what he was doing there he said he was relieving himself.
However, CCTV showed Broadhurst entering the property on three separate occasions. It also showed him attempting to break into two safes.
The defence lawyer revealed that Broadhurst had issues from his childhood which has led to previous convictions. He said that the defendant suffered from “periods of stress” and that he would “revert to type” when under pressure.
District Judge David Parsons then told the court about Broadhurst’s previous convictions. He was given a supervision order for his first burglary in 1981. Further offences followed in 1985, 86 and 88 all of which he was sent to prison for. After being released he committed a further burglary in 1990. Whilst on probation for that he committed yet another burglary just a month later. In 1991 he burgled again and was put on probation. His next burglary came in 1993 for which he was sent to prison. He committed another burglary in 1997 for which he was put on probation before he committed his most serious offence. In 1998 he was sentenced to nine years in prison for a robbery. In 2006 he committed yet another offence and in 2011 he was convicted of two burglaries for which he was given two years in prison.
The court heard how his latest burglary at the Three Mariners had breached two suspended sentences. District Judge Parsons passed a sentence of 12 months in prison. Broadhurst wept as he was led away by security officers.