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Pupils sign up for road safety

road safetyPUPILS from a Pembrokeshire primary school have designed their own road safety signs.

The signs on the approaches to Spittal Primary School warn motorists of the 20mph speed limit around the school.

They were created by two former pupils – Daniel Thomas and Rory Staden-Coats – who won a school competition last summer.

The two boys have since moved on to Sir Thomas Picton secondary school but last Friday (November 22) were invited to return to the school to see their winning designs in action.

“Speed and poor parking is a safety challenge for all our schools,” said Councillor Rob Lewis, Cabinet Member for Transportation.

“We want to encourage children to walk and cycle more to school – for both environmental and health reasons – but can understand why traffic problems deter many of them.

“These wonderful signs will hopefully remind drivers to reduce their speed and be more considerate to walkers and cyclists.”The 20mph road sign competition was run by the school together with Pembrokeshire County Council’s road safety team, last summer term.It was also part of a Sustrans Smarter Journeys to School project at the school aimed at encouraging children to walk or cycle.

“The children were very enthusiastic and the competition attracted many entries,” said Headteacher, John Palmer.

“They decided that to encourage parents to abandon driving them to school, they needed to ensure that the area outside the entrance was as safe as possible for pedestrians and walkers — and what better way to do that than by putting up their own road safety signs!”