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Register To Vote

register to voteREMINDER forms for the Register of Electors will shortly be delivered to all non-responding properties in Pembrokeshire, the council confirmed last week.

In addition to returning the registration form by post, you can register to vote by telephone, internet or, by text-provided there are no changes to the details on your registration form.

Once you have registered by telephone, the internet or by text, you do not need to return the form.

The benefits of using the telephone, the internet or text to register are that it is quick, easy and convenient. These methods will also save the Authority money in postage costs.

It is important for householders to register as there will be European Elections next year. Failing to register could leave you unable to vote. There may also be local government by-elections called at any time during the next twelve months.

Furthermore, it is a legal requirement to register each year so that the correct details are listed in the Register of Electors.

Besides leaving you unable to vote, not appearing in the Register of Electors could also affect your credit rating, making it harder to apply for a loan or mortgage.

Should you have any queries regarding the form, please telephone 01437 775714/15.