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S-s-s-s-search is on: RSPCA appeal for owner of Ammanford corn snake

THE RSPCA has launched a search for the owner of a stray corn snake, after the animal was found on Duffryn Road in Ammanford.
A member of the public found the snake before taking her to Bush House Vets in Ammanford on Thursday (7 January) – who then contacted the RSPCA.
Unfortunately, the member of the public left no further details – and the RSPCA has launched an appeal for information in the hope of tracking down the owner and returning the snake home.
RSPCA Cymru say the snake has a few skin abrasions, and was initially very cold – suggesting she had spent some time outside.
The young female snake – between three and four feet in length – has been transferred by the RSPCA to Silent World to You; a reptile specialist centre in Haverfordwest.
RSPCA inspector Neill Manley said: “This young snake is rather thin and has a few abrasions on her skin. She was very cold when coming to our attention, but is thankfully warming up and seems to be doing well.

“A member of the public reported finding this corn snake on Duffryn Road in Ammanford on Thursday (7 January) – but didn’t leave any further details with the veterinary practice.
“We’re really hopeful someone can help us track down her owner – and we’d urge anyone with information to contact the RSPCA’s inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.
“Unfortunately, we regularly deal with reptiles who have strayed. Corn snakes in particular can be expert escape artists – which is why safe, secure and appropriate accommodation for these animals is always so important.
“In many cases, snakes can also be microchipped – and we’d urge any owner to explore whether this is possible to increase the chances of being reunited with a pet that may escape in the future.”
RSPCA officers have remained on the frontline dealing with emergencies throughout the Covid-19 pandemic to date. Should you wish to help the animal welfare charity, you can donate online.