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Seamus is first new years baby

first babyTHE FIRST child to be born at Withybush Hospital this year was Seamus Isaac Houldey, who was born on January 1 at 4.27am.

He was born to mum Amanda Houldey and dad Jason Houldey from Clarbeston Road and he weighed in at 7lb2.

Jason has said that the baby is getting on fine at home and adds that his older brother Dermot, who is two, is helping out lots and really liking having a younger brother.

He continues Amanda went in on New Year’s Eve to be induced and little Seamus arrived New Year’s Day at 4.27am, her labour lasted for three hours, I was home asleep when I had the phone call telling me to go down.

Mother and baby were home at 4.30pm New Year’s Day.