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Search for travellers sites to go ahead

COUNCILLORS have voted unanimously for a search to be conducted to find homes for travellers at an extraordinary general meeting of Pembrokeshire County Council last Friday.
The meeting was called after a planning Inspectorate permitted a traveller family’s home to be sited on land at Clayford Road, Kilgetty.
It was called by East Williamston Councillor Jacob Williams and supported by Cllrs Tony Brinsden, David Bryan, Tessa Hodgson and Gwilym Price.
The inspector blamed Pembrokeshire County Council for its failure to meet demand for travellers’ pitches in the county.
Councillor Adams stated that the inspectorate should give more information as to why he allowed the travellers to pitch in Kilgetty.
Councillor Sue Perkins, who once had a large travellers site in her ward, said: “Gypsies have every right to have somewhere to live”.
Another councillor, who currently has one of the biggest travellers sites in her constituency, Pearl Llewellyn said: “Many sites are being refused and that’s why they’re buying their own land and trying to set up on their own”
It was also agreed that land would be acquired adjacent to Kingsmoor Common by agreement or by using compulsory purchase powers in order to facilitate exchange in common land with authority delegated to the Director of Development for this purpose.
Councillor Jacob Williams also highlighted the fact that “the main thrust of the policy’s weakness was that of small parcels of land”.
In the meeting it was argued why the matter could not be discussed at an ordinary council, but the EGM decision last Friday means that this issue will be dealt with much quicker.