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Search warrants executed in ‘grants fraud’ probe

Properties raided: Police are investigation alleged grants fraud
Properties raided: Police are investigation alleged grants fraud

DYFED-POWYS POLICE has raided premises belonging to parties involved in applications for funding from the Commercial Property Grant Scheme in Pembroke Dock.

Before Christmas, The Herald received information that police activity had taken place from sources close to the investigation.

At the time, the police had confirmed that no arrests had yet taken place.

The Herald can now confirm that search warrants were executed at properties associated with Kinver Kreations Ltd, and G&G Builders Ltd.

Both those companies are linked with controversial ‘baron of the bedsits’ Cathal McCosker, who was behind the majority of applications to the scheme.

The Herald cannot confirm at the present time whether any other properties have been searched.

A Council Audit Committee investigation raised grave concerns about the operation of the Commercial Property Grant Scheme. The police became involved after Cllrs Mike Stoddart and Jacob Williams presented potentially incriminating evidence to the then Finance Chief Mark Lewis.

As the police investigation continued the Council’s cabinet met today in secret (Jan 5) to discuss an grants application under the scheme, but not to receive updates on the ongoing investigation, as previously incorrectly reported.

A council spokesman said: “The Council is contractually obliged to hold such discussions in private because of sensitive, financial information relating to the applicant. Once the grant is offered and accepted, we can then release the information relating to the application.”