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Shadow secretary visits PATCH

mini tourSHADOW SECRETARY of State for Wales Owen Smith conducted a two day mini-tour of the key seats in west Wales and he also visited the PATCH food bank in Pembrokeshire.

Councillor Paul Miller, who was there to show Owen some of the work being done, said: “PATCH does an amazing job in communities throughout Pembrokeshire and I wanted to take the opportunity to show Owen the fantastic work they do helping some of the most vulnerable in Pembrokeshire.

“Unfortunately though, it’s no surprise that Tracy and the team are busier than ever. More and more people in Pembrokeshire and across Wales are under pressure financially with working people more than £1,700 a year worse off thanks to David Cameron.

“Prices have risen faster than wages for 40 of 41 months while David Cameron has been in Downing Street and this week’s figures show that real wages will have fallen by 5.8% by the end of the Parliament.”

“Both Owen and I are working hard to get the message across to the Government in Westminster that a recovery is no recovery, if the only ones to benefit are the wealthiest few. A future Labour Government has promised to take action on Energy Prices, promised to support a living wage and would work tirelessly to engineer a real recovery, one which benefits the rest of us too. I couldn’t be more supportive of Tracy, PATCH and the work of her whole team but it’s about time fewer people in our community had to rely on PATCH to feed and clothe their families”.