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Shop worker not guilty of theft

crown courtA WOMAN from Milford Haven appeared at Swansea Crown Court last week after stealing £2,900 in work takings in November last year. Claire John, aged 31 of Haven Drive pleaded not guilty to the charge, and a trial was held at Swansea Crown Court on December 11. In November last year, John, who was working as a cashier for CKs Supermarket at the time of the incident, was attacked by a mugger while she was carrying four bags containing around £12,000 in work takings.

The mugger managed to make off with two bags, and when she reported the incident to police, kept one of the remaining bags for herself. John claimed that she had not realised she had it, and had found the bag in her clothes later on. She told the court that she panicked and was scared that nobody would believe it was a mistake. However, the court heard how John had hidden the money under a stone in her garden that was found by her neighbour’s dog.

The prosecutor, Stephen Rees said John’s neighbour saw “a large quantity of cash in £20, £10 and £5 notes”, which was strewn about the garden after the dog had found the bag. John maintained that she did not intend to steal the bag, and was found not guilty of the charge in less than one hour.