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Solicitor enters guilty plea for client

haverfordwest-magistratesA SOLICITOR entered a guilty plea on behalf of his client who did not attend Haverfordwest Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday (Dec 16). Robert Chappell, aged 77 of Hill Mountain in Milford Haven was charged with speeding on March 25, 2014. Prosecuting, Ellie Morgan said: “He has filled in a form to say he was the driver and there was a suggestion he would do the speed awareness course.

“However with the equipment used there is only a four month time limit in which he has to take the course and that is no longer available”. Defending, Mike Kelleher said: “He was off to a hospital appointment and he didn’t appreciate that he was going more than 30mph. “We did put it off to try and get the course for him but he couldn’t do it within that period”. Chappell was fined £80 for the offence and given a £20 victim surcharge to pay as well. Three points will also be added to his license.